Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thanks Mum

This week at work we lost a tree but we gained some stencil art.

How fitting that Vexta chose to incorporate leaves into her wall art.

The factory is starting to look a little less industrial and a little more creative.

Not that there is anything wrong with industrial!!

In fact, while I am on the subject, I do have some show and tell.

My mum popped in to see Helen Martin's exhibition in the gallery space last weekend.

Knowing that my current work focuses on street side paraphernalia she very sweetly bought me a gift...


I love them. The forms are inspiring and the colours beautifully muted. They remind me of a Gwynn Hanssen Pigott still life. Not sure that is a very flattering comparison to make (?!) but I mean in regard to their quiet, almost pensive, character.

My mum reminded me that we had one floating around my childhood home. I remember it now although it had slipped my mind. Perhaps subconsciously my recent obsession has been some kind of manifest nostalgia? Hmmm - intriguing.

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dawn said...

hi. the insulators are lovely, creamy - looking forward to seeing how they inspire you. are they heavy?