Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where to from here?

"Steep learning curve" is an expression I found myself using quite often this year. And honestly there is no curve I'd rather be on. Taking on the management of Pan Gallery has been exciting, terrifying, exhausting and inspiring and I feel things are really starting to take shape.

A major challenge for me has been the constant 'changing of hats' in my workplace. I love all my roles - teacher, gallery manager, resident coordinator, graphic designer (?!) and, most importantly, resident artist but my focus for 2009 is to give each role greater definition so that I fulfill each to the best of my ability.


Firstly I have decided that Pan Gallery needs it's own blog. I have 'cut' all post relating to Pan from this blog and 'pasted' them in the new Pan Gallery blog. This leaves 'six hundred degrees' free to be my personal space for creative musings and inspirations.

Secondly, as of February, my employment as Pan Gallery's manager will double. Excitingly the gallery is evolving and developing in leaps and bounds and as we progress so does our awareness of the magnitude of the work involved. Lucky I like my job!

And finally ... I do like a chat but ... I think the time may have arrived to invest in a Do Not Disturb sign for my studio. I never want to be an unapproachable artist but sometimes it is important for work to progress in a continuous flow and having a studio in a fairly public place can make this a little difficult. I procrastinate enough without well intentioned interruptions, believe me!

So apologies for this image-less post.
More of a new year resolution list than anything else.
Nothing like a public declaration to make you stick to your plans!


emidio said...

...and I will quit smoking?

Wen said...

I like your New Year resolution makes perfect sense. If I can help you with that, let me know.

Here's to a New Year, may it be a creative, happy and a healthy one.

Sophie Milne said...

Now lets not get carried away Em! Thank you both for your constant support and I'll see you soon.

andrew widdis said...

How did that all go Sophie?