Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shameless cross promotion

My friend and fellow ceramic artist Andrew Widdis dropped by on Monday to 'interview' me for his studies. Those are some of his pieces pictured above. It's kind of odd being 'interviewed' by a friend. I wasn't quite sure where the questions started and our usual chit chat stopped and I don't know that Andrew was either! In retrospect I realise this is probably the best interview technique of all.

I enjoyed Andrew's eye rolls and moans when, leaving the slate wide open for me to discuss myself (?!(@#) , I dived into the difficulties and frustrations of the artistic life. Fair call Andrew! I have to admit that I have fielded many questions regarding 'making a living' or 'surviving' as an artist over the years so it was refreshing (and unexpected) to actually be asked about the work I make. Andrew posted a summary of 'the interview' on his blog today.

I think our conversation may have helped a little toward forming that still unwritten artist statement too. There is always something to be gained from downing the tools and heading around the corner for a chat and two really good cups of coffee.

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