Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Follow Up

In a previous post I discussed Rachel Power's book The Divided Heart which has prompted quite a response and has struck a chord with artist-mothers far and wide. I've been thinking a lot about the topic and my interpretation of it being "a good old whine."

Whine is definitely not the right word as it implies feeble and undignified complaining and the book and it's contributors do not do that at all. It does, however, have an element of complaint which I think is a good thing. Complaining, in it's best sense, draws attention to an issue with the intention of bringing about change.

Intellectually I know this to be true but complaining does not sit all that comfortably with me (although I do of course complain!). There's a multitude of reasons for this, not the least of which is the impact of the stoicism of previous generations. You should meet my Mum!

But if honest discussion regarding the difficulties in being both artist and mother leads to any kind of lessening in these difficulties or change in social perceptions then I'm all for it. As I said, I really like this book. It is, for the most part, positive and inspiring and it's wonderful that Rachel has set up a blog to further discuss the issues raised. I encourage you to pay it a visit.


Rachel Power said...

Thanks, Sophie, for revisiting this issue of whether talking about the difficulties of making art around children just amounts to a big ol' whinge. I think you're right--there's a difference between a cathartic expression of frustration and just being stuck in a state of useless complaining (and it's not always easy to know the difference)! Anyway, I could say so much on this issue that I made a response on my own blog: Radio National. Cheers,

Rachel Power said...

Sorry, I meant my blog: The Rachel Papers, not Radio National!!! Deary me...