Thursday, August 28, 2008

In The Making

Yesterday I visited Craft Victoria to check out the ' In the making' members exhibition. Phew - there are over 130 pieces to ponder and admire. Before going I had heard less than positive feedback regarding the show - "too cluttered" "my work's on the floor!" "I was overwhelmed". But I have to admit I really enjoyed myself. Thankfully, when I visited, the space was fairly quiet and I had time to let my eyes wander from works to artist statements to the catalogue and back. Not all my cup of tea of course but I think, as a show of force, it was a wonderful celebration of the craft sector in Melbourne and beyond.

I've 'borrowed' some images from the Craft Vic website so I can show you some of my favourites. Irianna Kanellopoulou's Cupids always bring me joy as do Shannon Garson's nests.

Marianne Huhn exhibited amazing paper sewn versions of her usually ceramic cups and my all time favourite was a beautifully still and graceful glass piece by Deidre Feeney entitled 'and then they were gone'.

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